Series 03 / Episode Introductions 3

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Review & practice your pronunciation of the new characters you've learnt this episode.


Learn how to recognise and remember the new hanzi covered in this episode, using Lingo101's unique visual memorisation tool.


Learn how to write the new hanzi covered in this episode.

New Vocabulary

Tap each individual Hanzi to hear how it's pronounced, or tap the speaker to hear the whole sentence. Try to repeat exactly, including the tones.
see how it is written, or tap the icon to hear the pronunciation.

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Phrase Flashcards


Test yourself with these flashcards until you can recognise each word - and their correct tones! Tap the icon to reveal the translation.

Word Flashcards

Test yourself

Now it's time to test your knowledge!

Matching Game

Hanzi > Pinyin


Can you read the following? Tip: hover/tap on a word to show the translation

Learning Summary

Congratulations! You've learnt the following phrases and hanzi:

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